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Fracture Treatment Specialist

Rodolfo Navarro, MD -  - Sports Medicine Physician

Rodolfo Navarro, MD

Sports Medicine Physician & Orthopedic Physician located in San Antonio, TX

Feeling a bone snap or crunch followed by severe pain is a clear-cut sign of a fracture. At Ortho San Antonio in San Antonio, Texas, orthopedic physician Rudy Navarro, MD, provides non-operative fracture treatment to repair your bone and restore your mobility. If you think you’ve fractured a bone, reserve an appointment at Ortho San Antonio by calling or booking online at right away.

Fracture Treatment Q&A

What is a fracture?

A fracture is a fancy word for a broken bone. Fractures range from small hairline cracks to bones that shatter into pieces. They’re extremely painful: Some people lose consciousness or get dizzy after feeling a bone snap. You can fracture any of the bones in your body from impact or too much pressure. You should get medical care right away if you suspect that you’ve fractured a bone. 

Dr. Navarro focuses on treating fractures without surgery. Your body has the ability to heal fractures itself, and non-operative fracture care keeps the injury stable and allows the bone to heal properly. If the pieces of your fractured bone move out of place, the bone can heal incorrectly.

What does fracture treatment entail?

Many smaller fractures that don’t break a bone into pieces are easily treatable without surgery. Dr. Navarro uses a combination of medications and devices to your injury. He may prescribe or recommend medications to ease your pain or to help you avoid an infection. 

Dr. Navarro uses these devices for non-operative fracture care:


Splints are rigid partial casts that keep your injury stable. They can be easily tightened or loosened as the swelling around your injury fluctuates.


Casts are fully supportive plaster or fiberglass wrappings for your fracture injury. For example, if your fracture is in your wrist, your wrist stays completely enclosed in a cast for weeks as it heals. 


Braces are transitional devices between complete immobility with a cast and full mobility without help. Dr. Navarro might tell you to use a brace after your cast comes off if your injury heals slowly. 

How should I care for my injury during fracture treatment?

You can take several steps to encourage efficient healing for your injury. After choosing and implementing your course of treatment, Dr. Navarro may instruct you to:

  • Keep your cast clean
  • Keep your cast dry
  • Wrap your cast in a plastic bag when showering
  • Avoid sticking sharp objects under your cast
  • Avoid using products on your skin under the cast
  • Avoid placing weight or pressure on your cast
  • Keep the cast on and intact

You can expect your fracture to take several weeks or months to heal. Dr. Navarro evaluates your progress along the way and tells you when you can return to sports and activities. 

If you think you’ve fractured a bone, don’t hesitate to call Ortho San Antonio or book an appointment online today.