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Sports Medicine Specialist

Rodolfo Navarro, MD -  - Sports Medicine Physician

Rodolfo Navarro, MD

Sports Medicine Physician & Orthopedic Physician located in San Antonio, TX

Playing sports and staying active is great for your strength and flexibility, but injuries can happen even if you’re in the best shape of your life. At Ortho San Antonio in San Antonio, Texas, orthopedic and sports medicine specialist Rudy Navarro, MD, provides sports medicine treatments and prevention strategies to active men, women, and children. To receive treatment for a sports-related injury or learn how to prevent injuries in the future, call Ortho San Antonio or book an appointment online today.

Sports Medicine Q&A

What is sports medicine?

Sports medicine is a medical discipline that centers on injuries commonly sustained while you’re playing sports. Sports medicine specialists like Dr. Navarro not only treat sports-related injuries, they also help athletes optimize their physical fitness and take steps to prevent future injuries.

At Ortho San Antonio, Dr. Navarro treats sports injuries without surgical intervention. He uses a variety of approaches to restore painlessness and mobility to your injured area. He treats athletes ages 10 and up who want to improve their performance and avoid injuries. 

What types of injuries are treated with sports medicine?

Sports medicine covers many different movement-related musculoskeletal injuries. These injuries are especially common among athletes because of the constant and repeated movements required in sports. Here are some common sports-related injury types:


Concussions are brain injuries caused by a blow to your head. They affect the way your brain functions and require a strict period of rest. The symptoms include fogginess, dizziness, nausea, and fatigue.


Sprains are stretched or torn ligaments. Ligaments connect the bones together within your joints. 


Strains are stretched or torn muscles and tendons. Tendons connect your bones to your muscles. Strains are often mistaken for sprains, but Dr. Navarro can evaluate your injury to tell you which it is. 


Fractures are broken bones that range in severity. A fracture may be a small crack or a bone broken into multiple pieces.

What are some sports medicine treatments?

Dr. Navarro offers several nonsurgical options for sports medicine treatment. He designs your treatment plan according to the injury, how you got it, and your specific needs. After a sports-related injury, you can expect to take some time away from your sport to rest as you heal. Your treatment might include these and other methods:


Injections of stem cells from bone marrow or platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from your blood can aid in the healing of some musculoskeletal injuries. Dr. Navarro uses a musculoskeletal ultrasound to guide the injection to your injured joint or muscle. 

Immobility devices

Dr. Navarro may give you a splint or a cast to keep your injury stable. Casts, splints, and braces hold fractured bones in a straight position as they heal back together. 

Physical therapy

Physical therapy helps your joint or muscle stay mobile after the injury heals. Physical therapy includes exercises that restore strength and flexibility to your injured body part. 

If you get an injury while playing sports or exercising, call Ortho San Antonio or book an appointment online today.